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21 October 2016: Conference alert

It’s time to break down the astrology conference borders once again


Breaking Down the Borders 4 : November 18-20, 2016 : Three-day ONLINE internet astrology conference


There’s only a month to go before the biannual Breaking Down The Borders (BDTB) online astrology conference is up and running again – from 18 to 21 November 2016. There’s a great website you can check out which gives all the details. The thing about this event is, nobody has to go anywhere. It all happens via cyberspace. You just sign up, login using your computer or other device, and listen to whatever talks take your fancy. Or you can get downloads later, instead or as well.

As well as shouting out for the event itself, this post is also an opportunity for me to sound my own trumpet. I am one of the many BDTB speakers. This time I’m on one of my astrology hobbyhorses – the vital importance of the so-called auxiliary angles. My promo blurb for the talk follows:

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1 September 2016: Solar Eclipse in Virgo

Reality bites, reality bytes, and bits of reality in search of coherence

Image result for mandala wikimedia

Mosaic mandala: image per commons.wikimedia.org


The collective breakdown continues. No Almodovar film could come anywhere near the reality ride we’re all sharing as this latest New Moon, a solar eclipse for good measure, crashes headlong into the hall of mirrors of the Saturn-Neptune square and challenges all material beings to get a better grip on reality – whatever reality is, that is. The eclipse occurs at 09:03:02 hours UT on 1 September 2016, with the Sun and Moon both at 09Vir21. They conjoin the North Node of the Moon at 12Vir43, oppose Neptune (10Pis40) and the South Node (12Pis43), and all of these planetary numina square Saturn at 10Sgr04. The ancient Greek cry of joy was, ‘Io!’ But inflected the right (or wrong) way and repeated, more as a dirge than a whoop, it could sound in modern English something like ‘Yo-yo, yo-yo!’ If only it were as simple and playful as a yoyo…


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2-3 August 2016: New Moon in Leo

When the Lion turns into a butterfly, the soul flies free

Image per Wikipedia

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19-20 July 2016: Full Moon in Capricorn

Austerity rules: broken hearts, broken altars

Image per commons.wikimedia.org


I never managed to write a post for the most recent New Moon, which might be for the best as it was a horror chart for what proved to be a horror lunation, what with the Brexit controversy, and more race riots and killings in the US, and the Turkish coup (now unravelling in an alarming way) and even a wacky election result here in Australia, though on a global scale this is comic relief rather than tragedy, the Hanson factor notwithstanding. This Full Moon chart is an improvement, but only just. It’s a pattern for hurting and grieving, and emotions are always very strong at Full Moon. The Sun and Moon face off from 27Can40 (Sun) and 27Cap40 (Moon) at 22:56:31 hours UT on 19 July 2016, which is the morning of 20 July in most parts of the eastern hemisphere. The only partile aspects to the lunation are made by Vesta at 27Gem33, semi-sextile the Sun and quincunx the Moon.


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20-21 June 2016: Cancer Ingress of the Sun

A world awash in primal passions – and a great healing crisis

Stormy sea at night – image per commons.wikimedia.org


(This post is going up over a week late owing to computing problems which took some time to resolve.)


And it’s another day in the world and another astrological shift. Except this winter-summer solstice moment comes only eleven hours after a wacky whirler of a Full Moon and it’s off and racing on the outside track at Planet Earth. Where this race goes or ends, or if it ends, are all big questions and right now, with the human race all like nicely dumbed down’n’that’n’stuff, by years of the lowest possible quality junk television etc, nobody wants big questions. Nobody wants small questions either. We all just want a little ease. (Cut to echoing sounds of manic laughter, Rocky Horror Picture Show style.) The light shining at the Frankenstein place may or may not ease the darkness in anybody’s life. It is, as they say, what it is. The Sun enters the ecliptic ‘zodiac sign’ Cancer at 22:34:06 hours UT on 20 June 2016, which is in the morning of 21 June for most of the eastern hemisphere.


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20 June 2016: Full Moon in Sagittarius – again

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again

When only the wisdom of the still serpent will do… (image per commons.wikimedia.org)


We had a Full Moon in the early degrees of Sagittarius a moon ago, and now because of the quirks of orbital patterns we have another one. By ecliptic measurement it’s a sort of blue moon, a once in a while event. Astrologically it is also a sort of revision moment, a chance to see if anything left undone from the last Full Moon can be dealt with now. The last Full Moon was such a crazy cat that any hot tin roofs here could create some serious skittering – as we have already seen, alas. The precise moment of the lunation is 11:02:15 hours UT; Sun at 29Gem33, Moon at 29Sag33. The Sun is with the expansive, kingly star of Orion called Betelgeuze (not Douglas Adams’s Beetlejuice); the Moon is with Sinistra, an unattested star of Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer.


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Hephaistos: Lord of inner fire, talent, craft and work

When it’s time to pay attention to a neglected astrological symbol

Image per Wikipedia: Thetis Receiving the Arms of Achilles from Hephaestus, by Anthony van Dyck


In response to a request for information on Hephaistos I have pulled together a mish-mash of old notes which I hope might give a better sense of what this asteroid means and how it works in the horoscope. I have so many demands on my time and energies at the moment that this is the best I can do!

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5 June 2016: New Moon in Gemini

‘The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.’ Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

Image per commons.wikimedia.org


We all have the chance to be dancing down the trashy road of excess with this New Moon – yellow brick roads are so passé right now. This latest lunation is way, way, way over the top. It’s the focus of three Grand Crosses, with another on the side. No need to order fries or an upsize with that, b-baby you got ’em. So… we have the Sun and Moon in partile conjunction to Venus in Gemini, in partile square to Jupiter in Virgo, opposite Saturn in Sagittarius and square Neptune in Pisces. Alongside is another Grand Cross, all elements of which are in partile aspect: Ganymed in Gemini, North Node in Virgo, Gilgamesh in Sagittarius and South Node in Pisces. Where are the smelling salts when you need them? The New Moon occurs at 02:59:32 hours UT on 5 June 2016; Sun and Moon are at 14Gem53 with Venus at 14Gem24 and Jupiter at 14Vir18.


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21-22 May 2016: Full Moon in Sagittarius

Heaving, bellowing, burning and potentially destroying

Image per Wikimedia Commons


This is a terrible Full Moon – and my only hope in writing as starkly as this is that the statement may prove over-dramatic and therefore foolish. I have noticed how when astrologers are bold enough to foretell disaster they are usually proved wrong, so this is a very deliberate move. But seriously, this Full Moon is serious trouble of some sort. It aligns almost exactly with the opposition of the Sun to Mars – and the Moon applying to conjunction within a degree – along with a bunch of really tough customer ‘support’ aspects. Mars as the planet of the god of war (and all that suggests) needs little introduction to all but the most rookie astrologers or astrology sympathizers. As for the rest… well, we’ll see. The Full Moon occurs at 21:14:22 hours UT on 21 May 2016, the morning of 22 May in most of the eastern hemisphere.

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6-7 May 2016: New Moon in Taurus

Busting loose from something, but where to next?

Perseus Saving Andromeda (Cesari, 1596) – image per Wikipedia


Weird lunations continue this month. This New Moon is definitely oddball, even though it is in straight-down-the-line Taurus where it should be all safe and dependable. It’s not quite as isolated as the last Full Moon was, but the supporting energies are double-tongued, liked the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi. It looks good for individuals, but tricky collectively (which is fairly normal I suppose). Anyhoo… we have the Sun and Moon together at 16Tau41 at 19:29:27 hours UT on 6 May 2016, which is early in the morning of 7 May in the eastern hemisphere. Two standouts: the New Moon is entangled in a Grand Trine (big gifts and big risks) and squared by asteroid Fortuna, symbol of the goddess of Fate. So karma rules right now, or at least that spinning wheel of fortune which can land up anywhere. Cross your fingers and say your prayers!

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